1945 Marlin 39-A

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Re: 1945 Marlin 39-A

Post by Pete44ru »

[Can you send a picture of your serial number showing the Capital "C"? Thanks.]

No can do, Don - Sorry, but our digi camera bombed out last Christmas, and I haven't gotten a new one yet. The pic above is from my files.
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Re: 1945 Marlin 39-A

Post by bodene »

I have a Marlin 39 that was handed down from my grandpa. I was trying to find out the history and approximate value.
from reading this thread I found that my gun is a Marlin 39- (no A) the serial number is (lower case) c 9486 (the c is smaller than the numbers). from this thread it appears that the lower case c was made in 1946.
My question is that everyone is referring to the 39A but mine does not contain the A in the model number. after the New Haven Conn. stamp it says 22 S,L & LR.
I'm just wondering is it an "A" or not? I haven't heard anyone talk about an "A" with a lower case "c" serial number.
BTW.. It has a round barrel not the octagon barrel.

Any insight will be much appreciated.
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RE: 1947 Mfg., 'D Prefix' Marlin 39-A With Possible Marlin Factory Lyman No. 57 Rear Receiver Peep Sight ?

Post by dpast32 »

Good Morning Folks, I was recently wiping down & inspecting my absolutely gorgeous little Marlin 39A .22 Rimfire Rifle, & fell in love with it all over again ! ( Round Barrel, Blued Receiver, 24" Barrel ) Upon it being handed down to me via my Father in Law's passing, I have always surmised it was of relatively early production, although I couldn't be certain as to exactly when ? However, after some brief research I was able to determine it was of 1947 manufacture, & is complete with an old, period era Lyman No. 57 Receiver Peep Sight.* I would love to know if the Lyman was an Marlin Factory addition, or was an added later on. ( *NOTE: Although I firmly believe the Lyman to be an No. 57 Model, it has been a while since I've looked into the matter. If anyone's interested enough, I'll be happy to confirm that fact upon request ? )

One potential clue to the Peep Sight possibly being an Marlin Factory addition, is the fact that the Barrel mounted Rear Sight is missing, & it's dovetail slot has been what appears to be professionally filled with one the 'slot blanks' which were available for that very purpose. I guess that it's not 'concrete evidence', but if does indeed lend credence to the work having been performed by either the Factory, & or a professional Gunsmith ? My 39A is Serial # D 994. After my assessing the relative conditions of numerous other M39A examples, I'm pleased to report that mine appears to have only had occasional use, without any signs of misuse & or abuse. ANY relevant information, advice, & or comments will be very much appreciated. THANK YOU

Best regards, Dom Pastore Jr.
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Re: 1945 Marlin 39-A

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After 1945, the Marlin Model 39-A receiver was drilled and tapped for a receiver sight. No mention of the factory actually installing any receiver sights, so most likely, yours was installed by a gunsmith along with the sight slot blank. Pretty common occurrence to remove the rear sight when either a receiver sight or a tang sight was installed. The rear sight just got in the way of the normal sight picture when using either a tang or receiver sight.
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Re: 1945 Marlin 39-A

Post by dpast32 »

THANK YOU Regnier, very much for your kind reply, it's most appreciated. I as well as you love my old 39A, as we know that they truly don't make them like that any longer !! I surmise that as Marlin was interested in getting back into Civilian production back in the immediate Post WW2 era, they made certain to put that extra bit of fit & finish into their products. This 39A will probably remain with me for quite a while. THANKS AGAIN

Best, Dom P.
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