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zoli 16ga.
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Model 90 experts

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I just bought a Ranger 103-6 / Marlin Model 90 20ga. I believe it's from 1941 (no engravings) # R 2342.

There is a part on the bottom firing pin that is very loose and rattles when you shake the gun. Any one familiar with this issue? I'm not sure if it is just very worn or missing a spring or something. I believe it helps to cock the firing pins?

This is the part I'm talking about. Anyone know what its called, part number, still available? Way to fix it? Just leave it?


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Re: Model 90 experts

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The part you are pointing to is definitely part of the cocking mechanism. Though it differs from the one I'm working on. There is a small torsion spring located down in the front section of the trigger guard, if it's either weakened or missing, that would possibly explain why the piece you are pointing at is loose. The one I'm refinishing had the spring rattling around loose and it fell out when I removed the buttstock, now I'm fighting trying to get it back in place. If anyone knows where to find a technical/armorer's/gunsmithing book on this that might help getting this back together, it would be awesome. I've called Marlin, they have nothing, and I can't get in touch with the folks at Sears who might have this material.
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