Marlin A1's Three of a Kind

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Marlin A1's Three of a Kind

Post by tigweld » Mon Jun 01, 2009 8:40 pm

Three of a Kind,of sorts. As seen in the photo (
these are all A1's of the 1st variation. The top one is a "Store Brand" made by Marlin
"Ranger Model 34A". The middle one is the Marlin A1 with finger
groove forearm. The bottom one is also a Marlin A1 with smooth forearm. All three
have the safety located at the rear of the receiver. All rifles also carry the same barrel
You'll notice that the Ranger 34A has a different shape to the steel trigger guard than
the Marlins. The buttplates also differ,steel on the Ranger and black hard fiber on the
others. Just thought this info might be of help to someone in identifying a rifle.

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