Your Fav 35 Rem load and/or Bullet for a new-old Marlin.

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Your Fav 35 Rem load and/or Bullet for a new-old Marlin.

Post by Father'sSon »

There should be a 1955 Marlin 35 Rem (20" barrel) coming in the mail sometime in the next two weeks. I have never loaded for it and wonder if you will share your favorite load and/or bullet for your 35?

By the way, where would be the best place to buy 35 Rem dies for a Canuck near Edmonton, Alberta?
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Post by SteveW »

A good place for this information is on the 336 forum. A fellow going by 35rem has this topic down cold. A search of the forum will turn up lots of load information, too.

For dies, PM DocSharptail - he's a gun-savvy Canadian & is sure to have ideas for you that way. SW
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