just bought a .450 marlin

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the machine
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just bought a .450 marlin

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i just bought a 1895M marlin.

i weigh about 155lbs, how much more kick should i expect than a .30-06?

and where can i find ammunition for it cheaper than 34$ a box?
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I think perceived recoil depends on a number of variables in addition to bullet weight & muzzle velocity - like the stock angle, how you hold the rifle to your shoulder... things of that nature. I do not find the 450 to kick excessively, but that's just me - others may have an entirely different opinion.

If the recoil is more than you care for, there are options like a PAST recoil reducer or other commercial recoil aids. At the range when running some mastadon-whackers over the chronograph, I fold an old towel & put it between my shoulder & the butt of the rifle in question. Some of the light M95 Steyr carbines really back up with the hot loads that give the best accuracy. :shock:

A friend gave my his 375 H&H & some ammo to chronograph, & I wound up putting a small sand bag on my shoulder. It wasn't that bad when shot standing, though & that's another factor to consider.

As far as ammo prices, I really can't help that way as I handload everything I shoot... otherwise, I couldn't afford the hobby. SW
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