Our purpose shall be to organize and maintain a membership for educational, charitable, scientific and literary purposes;  to promote a friendship and camaraderie amongst those interested  in the collecting and study of Marlin-made firearms; The holding of regularly scheduled meetings for the sake of conducting the Association business, to display and exchange artifacts and disseminate information on Marlin arms;  to collect, research and preserve arms for posterity. 

Benefits of Joining the Marlin Firearms Collectors Association:

  • Factory record verification of old Marlin rifles and shotguns is available to Members of MFCA with a simple telephone call.
  • News letter published 3 times a year, containing:
    • Articles about Marlin arms and memorabilia.
    • Association news and events.
    • Hosting of " Items wanted" section.
    • Question and Answers.
    • Sales of  association items, only available from the association and discounts on sale items.
    • Annual meeting and show information.