Marlin 1889, need parts

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Marlin 1889, need parts

Post by 1911BILLL »

I have a Marlin 1889 According to a webite that checks serial numbers. its a 38W 24" octigonal barrel and half tube. its not the standard straight lever its angled. Any idea were I can find a replacement stock and handguard? preferably checkered like the origonal.
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Re: Marlin 1889, need parts

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You wont find an original 1889 pistol grip, checkered stock anywhere! You wont usually find a semi inletted stock either. But a semi inletted stock set for a Model 1894 can have the lower tang relief opened up farther back to accept the 1889's longer lower tang.
Precision Gun Stocks sells a straight grip 1889 stock, but not PG. But they sell a PG 1894 stock that can be reworked. That's the route I would take. If you can do the work well, I'd do so, and get both buttstock and forearm so they match well. Then once fitted and finished they can be checkered to match the original pattern.
If you can't do the fitting and finishing, there are people who could do it if you send them your gun, and the stock set. Or send them the gun, and have the stock set sent directly to them from Precision. ... s/d47.html
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